How to Lodge Your Tax Return Online

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What an Online Tax Return Does

Preparation and lodgment of tax returns is our business. It’s what we have done for the past 30 years. For our clients, that knowledge and experienced, combined with our web based tax return app, EzTax, and our FREE tax database means three things:
  • easy tax return preparation
  • experienced and qualified support
  • better refunds
When you use EzTax your tax return is reviewed by an accountant to make sure your tax return is not only right, but you get a better refund. In short, you benefit from the genuine knowledge, skills and experience of a team of accountants and registered tax agents.

In most cases we are able to check and confirm the accuracy of your tax return directly with ATO records, making sure your tax return is not only better, but also accurate. An accurate return means reduced risk associated with under declaring income, overstated deductions and the potential of an ATO audit which clients dislike.

Getting Started

Once you click get started and complete a short form, EzTax will step you through all the necessary questions to increase your tax refund and take into account all relevant income, allowable deductions and tax offsets.

If you have any questions, simply complete the notes to tax agent. Our team will resolve any tax issue you have.

Quick and Easy

My Tax Zone's web based tax app is designed to make it quick and easy to prepare your tax return. If you need help with a specific tax topic simply search our extensive and FREE database of tax calculators and checklists to help you prepare your etax return (and get a better refund) with less hassle and more convenience.

Notes to the Accountant

Why struggle with technical and complicated tax questions? Ask an accountant!

That's what we do. Simply search our extensive database of tax topics, calculators and taxtime tips or send a note to your accountant.

Problem solved.

Can I do 2013 or Prior Year Tax Return?

If you are behind in lodging your tax return you will find EzTax also supports and maintains prior year tax return lodgments.

Lost your tax docs? If you have lost any records from unlodged prior year tax returns just send us a message. We are able to check records directly with the ATO

For tax returns before 2014, the ATO does not support their Etax and no long produces TaxPacks (the old  paper based tax return). You must therefor use a tax agent such as (this site) to lodge your outstanding return(s).

Since the ATO does not accept overdue returns from you directly you can enter your old tax returns easily - complete your E-tax return online now or call us on 1300 504069.

Do your E-tax Return Online Now

Eztax, our Online Tax Return Package will step you through all the necessary questions to increase your tax refund and take into account all relevant tax deductions and tax offsets. Its FREE to get started! 

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