Child Care Expenses

(last updated 22/04/2014)

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A deduction is not allowable for child care expenses, even if it is required for you  to obtain and pay for child care so that you can go to work and earn income.

This view was reached by the High Court, who said that child care expenditure was neither relevant nor incidental to gaining or producing assessable income and was therefore not an allowable deduction. Child care expenses are also considered to be of a private or domestic nature.

A deduction is also not allowable for child care expenses incurred by you to undertake studies relevant to your employment.

Child Care Benefits You Can Claim

Centrelink offers a range of financial assistance to help with the cost of child care.
  • Child Care Rebate can assist with your out-of-pocket expenses for approved child care if you are working, studying or training. To get Child Care Rebate, you must first make a claim for Child Care Benefit.

Eligibility for Child Care Benefit

To be eligible for Child Care Benefit you need to meet all of the following:
  • use approved or registered child care
  • you are responsible for paying the child care fees for your child
  • your child is immunised (or on an immunisation catch-up schedule) or is exempt from the immunisation requirements
  • meet the residency requirements
  • meet the income test
For further assistance with claimim Child Care Benefit through the Department of Human Resources, see the Child Care Benefit page. 

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