Tradies' 2014 Tax Returns on ATO Hit list

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Tradies' 2014 tax return and sales & marketing managers are on the ATO's 2013-14 hit list. Whether you use a local tax agent, eTax or another online tax return preparation service, here is a checklist to help you meet your tax obligations for 2014.

Of major concern to the ATO is un-declared income and "incorrectly claimed" work expenses.

Un-declared income

The ATO continues to build a strong data matching system.
This processed was assisted last year with the introduction of a reporting system for building contracts - ie to report payments made to sub-contractors directly to the ATO.

Another weapon used in this area is "benchmarking", where the ATO compares tax return information with industry standards to identify anomalies. For example, is the percentage of material costs high for income declared. See this post for an explanation and checklist of benchmarking.

Work expense claims

The ATO has said they will pay attention to high claims made by building and construction labourers, construction supervisors and project managers. The following is a checklist of areas that will be targeted:
  • high work-related travel expense claims
  • poor record keeping
  • incorrect advise
  • deliberately false claims
  • basic errors.
The ATO says "Where a person has made an error due to poor record keeping or a misunderstanding of the law, we work with them to correct their tax return and to improve their understanding of their obligations. Where a person has deliberately lodged a fraudulent return, penalties will be imposed and prosecution will be considered."

See this post for details of the ATO's Benchmarking programme for small businesses and sub-contractors.

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E-tax Return

See these posts with tips, calculators and checklists to help you prepare your eTax Return (and get a better refund) with less hassle:
For help with your eTax return see our eTax Return Checklist.

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