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(last updated 2/04/2014)

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In early July each year the ATO releases their new version of etax available for download (see link at bottom of page below). Here is a checklist to help you get started with your download and installation of eTax.

You will also find tips, calculators and checklists to help you prepare your eTax Return (and get a better refund) right here - summary of e-tax and Assessable income and checklist of E-tax and Allowable Deductions.

Changes to Tax Return Each Year: 

In May each year the government releases their annual budget in which changes to the tax system are announced. These changes can be big or small and can, as in recent years, have a significant
downward impact on the tax refund of Australian workers. Budget announcements also impact on what the annual tax return is going to look like and how your tax refund will be calculated. For many tax return preparers these changes can be challenging. This year is no exception:

New for 2014 Etax Download

  • Doing your tax return online with the ATO is different for 2014. To lodge your tax return using the ATO's myTax or e-tax you will need to get a myGov account and link to the ATO.
  • If you have private health insurance you will need your statement. Because of changes this year, your statement may contain more rows of information that you will need to enter into the section, ‘Private health insurance policy details’.

E-Tax Return Checklist:

  1. Downloading the e-tax package.  As mentioned above, the system is made available from 1 July each year as a download. Before installing you will need to check that your computer meets the recommended requirements.
  2. Providing your system is compatible, etax download instructions are available for Windows and Mac.
  3. Depending on when you downloaded the etax package you will need to check if there are "known issues" with the etax download.
  4. Watch for new or deleted items on the e-tax return form.
  5. To lodge your e-tax return online you will need to verify your identity using the ATO's identity checks.
  6. Etax downloaded package performs all the necessary calculations.
  7. You can use etax return installation to prepare multiple tax returns.
  8.  If you can verify your identity and have an internet connection, you can lodge your e-tax return online. If you can't lodge online, you can use e-tax to prepare and print a paper tax return to lodge by mail.
  9. Use our etax return checklist to make sure you have all the information necessary to complete the return. See this post for our etax help checklist of Assessable Income,  Allowable Deductions and Tax Offsets that may apply to your etax return.

Additional Tips for completing your eTax Return:

We continue to update our knowledge base/tax blog, offering effective tax tips both for now and over the next tax year. Here are a couple of samples that will help you get the best tax refund possible and be informed of relevant tax changes:

E-tax Return

See these posts with tips, calculators and checklists to help you prepare your eTax Return (and get a better refund) with less hassle:
Web Based Tax Return App:

A benefit of using eZtax, our web based tax return app, is we have the genuine online tools, knowledge and experience to get the best tax refund for our clients, making it easy to complete your annual tax return online.

Our Web Based Tax Return App will step you through all the necessary questions to increase your  tax refund and take into account all relevant tax deductions and tax offsets. Try it now. Its FREE to get started! 

Here is a link to the ATO site  for etax 2014 download.

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