eTax and Centrelink Checklist

(last updated 1/04/2014)

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      E-tax and Centrelink Income

      Most Centrelink payments are assessable income and should be included in your annual tax return. 
      Since 2013 tax year, Centrelink no longer mails their Annual PAYG Summary of assessable income. These forms are now available to download directly from your Cenrtrelink account.

      The following checklist of Centrelink income should be included as assessable income on your eTax return form.

      Where tax instalments have been withheld, they will also be shown on the annual summary and will be credited against any tax payable for the eTax return. Any excess tax instalments will be returned to you as a refund.
      • Newstart allowance
      • Youth Allowance
      • Austudy payment
      • parenting payment (partnered)
      • partner allowance
      • sickness allowance
      • special benefit
      • widow allowance
      • exceptional circumstances relief payment
      • interim income support payment
      • an education payment of any of the following when you were 16 years old or older:
                   o    ABSTUDY living allowance
                   o    payment under the Veterans' Children Education Scheme
                   o    payment under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and
                         Training Scheme 2004, shown as 'MRCA Education Allowance' on your PAYG payment
      •  summary - individual non-business other taxable Commonwealth education or training payments
      • an income support component from a Community Development Employment Project (CDEP) shown as 'Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) payments' on your PAYG payment summary - individual non-business
      • a CDEP scheme participant supplement.

      E-tax Return

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