Zone Tax Offset Locations List

(last updated 26/03/2014)

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Zone Tax Offset applies to Australian workers located in remote areas or who serve in forces overseas.  See this post for a checklist of eTax and Tax Offsets.

To qualify for the zone tax offset, you must have lived or worked in a remote area (not necessarily continuously) for:
  • 183 days or more during the current income year; or
  • 183 days or more in total during the current and previous income years - but less than 183 days in the current year and less than 183 days in the previous income year - and you did not claim a zone tax offset in your previous year's tax return - ie you can carry the number of unclaimed days into the next financial year.
There are three zones: 
  • Zone A - small tax offset based on remote area with reasonably large population; 
  • Zone B - larger tax offset based on remote area with smaller population; or 
  • Special Zone Area - largest tax offset based on remote area with small population.
Following is a link to the ATO ruling TR 94/27 relating to determining zoens and calculating the tax offset:

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Zone Tax Offset Locations List:

This list will help you identify which towns are n the Zone Tax Offset list and which zone the town relates to.

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