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(last updated 24/04/2014)

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On 1 July 2014 the ATO will make their 2014 version of etax available for download (see link at bottom of page below).

 For an update on E-tax download see this post - Current eTax 2014 Download Checklist.

IMPORTANT UPDATE for Etax 2014 Download and MyTax -  Doing your tax return online with the ATO is different for 2014. To lodge your tax return using the ATO's myTax or e-tax you will need to get a MyGov account and link to the ATO.There are also some major changes to key claims that can cause problems if self preparing your 2014 tax return.

The ATO's E-tax 2014 download also requires download and installation of government software. My Tax Zone's Eztax package offers a fast & easy online service and no software downloads, making it easy to complete your annual tax return online. Plus, it is checked by experienced accountants and you get a better refund.

Changes for 2014 tax return: 

  • Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset - The Government has introduced legislation changing eligibility for the net medical expenses tax offset; restricting who can claim and what medical expenses can be claimed. See this post for details Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset Changes for 2014.
  • Travel Allowances and associated travel expenses - In recent years, preparing a tax return for wage earners has become even more difficult due to changes in tax and case law and the ATOs approach to compliance and audit activities. See this post for changes to claiming travel allowance expenses Travel Allowance 2014 Update.
  • Private Health Insurance Tax Offset - This year changes have been made to the way the private health insurance (PHI) rebate is calculated and applied to premiums. From 1 April 2014, rebates will be adjusted annually to take into account the average of the increase in premiums and the consumer price index. This means the rebate before and after 1 April will be different. You will have two lines of information on your PHI statement to enter into your tax return.
  • Spouse Tax Offset - During the phase out of this offset, some taxpayers are incorrectly claiming an "Invalid Relative" offset for a spouse. The ATO has identified many of these claims are incorrect and have written to and amended many assessments for 2012 and 2013.
  • ATO Hit List 2014 - Various claims are being targeted in 2014. See this post for a summary of the target claims ATO's 2014 Hit List.
  • THe ATO's more aggressive approach to EVERYTHNG. See this post for details of the ATO's new "processing" systems E-Tax or MyTac 2014.
Good news  -  We continue to update our knowledge base/tax blog, offering effective tax tips both for now and over the next tax year

Tax Free Threshold changed to $18200
  • Tax Rates Table 2014
  • No Flood Levy
  • Spouse Tax Offset only available for spouse born before July 1952
  • Medicare Levy Surcharge Income Thresholds increase rates for high income earners

Do any of these apply to your 2014 tax refund calculation?

  • Allowances - Common for many workers, is it income and what deductions can be claimed?
  • Work Related Deductions - Common for most workers, what expenses can you claim?
  • Travel Expenses & Overtime Meal Allowances - Common in Transport and Construction, what rate applies to you?
  • Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption - Does your income fall into the range of low income earner?
  • Beneficiary Tax Offset - Did you receive any Centrelink payments?
  • Private Health Insurance - are you aware of the different age rates and applying rates to other family members?
  • ETP's - do you know about the new "Whole-of-income" caps that apply?
  • Redundancy Payments - How much of your payment is exempt from tax?
Any of these events, and a lot more, can impact on the amount of tax refund you could be receiving.

See these posts with tips, calculators and checklists to help you prepare your eTax Return (and get a better refund) with less hassle summary of E-tax and Assessable income and checklist of E-tax and Allowable deductions.

Eztax, our web based Tax Return Package will step you through all the necessary questions to increase your 2014 tax refund estimate and take into account all relevant tax deductions and tax offsets. Its FREE to get started! 

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