National Business Names Register - NEW ASIC Service

A new national business names registration system will commence on 28 May 2012.

Currently, business names are registered in the state or territory where the business is located and each state and territory keeps its own register. The NEW national register of business names will replace these existing state and territory registers.

 The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) will administer the new national business names register.

The national register will offer businesses many advantages:
  • The national system eliminates the need for businesses who trade across state borders to register their name in multiple jurisdictions. 
  • Businesses will be able to register and renew their national business name online. Online payment options will also be available. 
  • Business name registration will be combined into a single online transaction with the registration of an Australian Business Number. 
  • Some businesses will benefit from reduced registration fees (details below). 
Generally, existing registered business names in the states and territories have now been automatically transferred to the new register. Existing business name holders do not need to do a thing - we will contact you when it is time to renew your business name.Each state/territory's current registration renewals may remain with the state/territory depending on date (28 May 2012). Administration on those business names will transistion to the new national register upon the next renewal.

The new system allows for online application and search as per the following links:
You can also search for a business name online by entering a name or business details.

Once the transition to the national register is complete, fees for many Australian businesses will be cheaper. Online payment options such as BPay and credit card payment will be available. 
  • New application for registration of a business name for 1 year - $30 
  • Application for renewal of a business name for 1 year - $30 
  • New application for registration of a business name for 3 years - $70 
  • Application for renewal of a business name for 3 years - $70 
Note: Fees are current as at 23 November 2011. They are subject to change at the start of each new financial year.

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