Late Lodgment of 2011 tax return

If you still need to lodge your 2011 tax return, why not give Ez-tax a go?

Ez-tax is the economical, convenient and secure way to lodge your tax return and the help you need to complete. Eztax is available to lodge your 2011 tax return online beyond 30 June 2012. It is simple to use and also provides you with an estimate of your tax refund or liability.

Through our office we can also access any missing or outstanding information to help you get your tax return

Information that we canaccess directly from the ATO includes:
  • income - payment summaries, interest, dividends, government pensions and allowances 
  • deductions - as reported on your payment summary 
  •  parental leave payments made by Centrelink or your employer 
  • HECS-HELP debt, if you have one 
  •  private health insurance policy details 
  • reminders about information you provided last year 
  •  information from Centrelink to assist you to determine your eligibility for the Education Tax Refund.
If you have lost your records or they have been destroyed, ouconvenient, low cost online service can help reconstruct this information.
See these posts with tips, calculators and checklists to help you prepare your eTax Return (and get a better refund) with less hassle - checklist of eTax and Assessable Income and deductions and checklist of eTax and Allowable Deductions.

 For help with your eTax return see our eTax Return Checklist.

Web Based Tax Return App:

A benefit of using eZtax, our web based tax return app, is we have the genuine online tools, knowledge and experience to get the best tax refund for our clients, making it easy to complete your annual tax return online.

Our Web Based Tax Return App will step you through all the necessary questions to increase your 2014 tax refund estimate and take into account all relevant tax deductions and tax offsets. Try it now. Its FREE to get started! 

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