Tax Deductions for Newstart and Youth Allowance Recipients

 (last updatre 28/06/2014)

The application of tax deductions for Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients was a temporary measure that only applied for the 2011 tax return as the government legislated changers. Accordingly, tax deductions against Newstart and Youth Allowance are no longer deductible

Changes apply from the 2011 tax time for Newstart and youth allowance recipients who were actively seeking paid work.

A recent High Court decision means you can claim deductions this year for expenses you incurred in actively seeking paid work if you received Newstart allowance or were a Youth allowance job seeker. You must have records to support your claim.

You can claim:
  • expenses you incurred in meeting the requirements of your Employment Pathway Plan
  • short-term travel costs, such as travel to job interviews
  • training courses, including self-employment training and assistance, and text books
  • phone calls you made seeking paid work, and
  • resume preparation.
You cannot claim expenses:
  • that relate to seeking employment in only a general way (for example, conventional clothing)
  • that are of a private or domestic nature (for example, conventional clothing, grooming and meals), or
  • paid for by your Job Services Australia provider.

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