ATO encourages young people to be more aware of tax and super

According to a recent media release, the ATO believes young people should take a closer look at tax and superannuation:

"Tax Commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo today encouraged young people to use National Youth Week and its activities as an opportunity to take a closer look at tax and superannuation. “I encourage young people to get to know their tax and superannuation systems and understand how they work for them,” Mr D'Ascenzo said.

“Tax is a vital and important part of our society and funds community services such as parks, health education and other government programs. Superannuation provides money for retirement for individuals, and it really adds up over time.

“Understanding tax and superannuation is important, and it can be easier than most people think.”

Well, I'm not sure that it is easy, however, in the current environment of instant and online, it certainly is easier to access relevant infomation. Indeed, this web site does just that - makes it easy to access relevant tax information and takes the trouble out of preparing an online tax return by providing an effective alternative to the ATO's etax online tax system.

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