Struggling with Debt and Facing Bankruptcy?

A collegue of mine, Bill Meywes, recently experienced a period of "financial distress", to put it nicely. He said on his web page:

"I'm a qualified Barrister (non practising) and have been a successful businessman and entreprenuer all my life. I have worked in Senior management positions for major organisations, created successful companies and am now under a Part X Agreement deemed an act of Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Act 1966!!"

After carefully researching all alternatives and personally going through a Part X Agreement, Bill found many people seeking his advice and assistance. That's the purpose of his new web page:

Over the years clients have asked me for information about bankruptacy. Because my professional practice focuses on taxation, bankruptacy is not a area that I know or can advise people with confidence. Whilst I felt for Bill's circumstances at the time, I am now very pleased to be in a position to direct those enquiries to him.

Are you struggling with debt and facing bankruptacy?

I recommend you visit Bill's web site. From there you can access free information, a free newsletter and, most importantly, make contact with someone who has not only experienced the destress you may be feeling, but someone who has the genuine expertise,experience and capacity to provide answer's for you.

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