2010 Education Tax Refund Eligible Expenses

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The following are eligible education expenses if they relate directly to the education of the student for whom you are claiming the ETR:
  • laptops, home computers, repair and associated running costs
  •  computer-related equipment, such as printers, USB flash drives, as well as disability aids to assist in the use of computer equipment for students with special needs, repair and associated running costs
  • home internet connection, including the costs of establishing and maintaining it
  • computer software, for example, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software
  • school textbooks and other paper-based school learning material, including prescribed textbooks, associated learning materials, study guides and stationery
  • tools of trade, such as tools required to complete a school-based apprenticeship.
The following are not eligible expenses for the ETR:
  • school fees
  • school uniform expenses
  • student attendance at school excursions and camps
  • tutoring costs
  • sporting equipment
  • musical instruments
  • library book fees
  • building levies
  • school subject levies
  • school photos
  • donations
  • tuckshop expenses
  • waiting list fees
  • transport
  • membership fees
  • computer games and consoles.
You cannot claim for an expense, or that part of an expense:
  • that is tax deductible
  • that is subject to another tax offset, or
  • for which you received or are entitled to receive a reimbursement or payment under a Commonwealth benefit, grant or subsidy.

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