Taxation, Negative Gearing & Investment Property Explained

A comprehensive guide to taxation and investment properties (Based on my 27 years of tax experience)


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Get better tax results from your investment property
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If this book didn’t inform you on the topic of taxation and investment property ask for your money back. By buying it now you will either get better tax results from your proposed or existing investment property or your money back.

The title “Discover Wealth Hidden in Your Salary” was not selected for nothing or by chance. This book Will without doubt help you optimise your investment property tax strategies, give you the tools to work out if you can afford it, suggest ownership structures that can optimise tax savings, show you the tax compliance tricks, help you avoid common mistakes, show you how to repair your cash flow and transform your salary into long term wealth.

Tax strategies are nothing more than learning and applying the principles involved. Applying them can transform your investment property portfolio. If you managed to take action and acquire investment property than you have begun a potentially rewarding journey, but if you failed to understand and apply effective tax strategies you could be leading down the road of disappointment.

This book will give you a very good understanding of your options and then will help you get the best tax results from your investment property.

What’s different about the book

  • This book does not contain wealth creation strategies or tell you how much assets you need to retire with a comfortable income but instead provides direct and practical tax advices that are based on long established principles of revenue and taxation law.
  • This book doesn’t offer quick fixes like "buy an investment property to retire comfortably" but instead it provides long term strategies and solutions to what is or should be a long term investment.
  • The book won’t only help you understand these taxation principles and common mistakes investors make but it will also give you practical and effective steps to avoid the mistakes and help make your investment property journey an enjoyable one.
  • The book will not only tell you how to get the best tax results from your investment property but it will also tell you how to smooth the bumps in your weekly cash flow.
  • The other thing that makes the book different is that it talks only about taxation and investment property. Most of the other books prattle about wealth creation, retirement income, rental yields, finance deals etc and have one chapter on taxation. Browse the web, search for free tips, pay your local accountant a substantial fee to get the benefit of his/her knowledge and experience, grab all the advices you can and as soon as you discover that it is too complex and too expensive to get good professional advice when you need it, come back and buy it.

How effective is it

The book offers a money back guarantee in case it didn’t offer some help.. Since I know the book is effective and different I am offering you a 100% money back guarantee.

I am sure you have read a lot of material and head a lot of advice from various people on investing in property without finding and understanding a clear set of easy to follow tax principles. I really hate marketing hype, those who overly hype their limited tax knowledge, I have to say that this book will be the end of your confusion on the topic of taxation and property and become your ongoing reference point for effective tax results from your investment property.


Book Information

Number of pages: 85 Pages. Numerous explanations of taxation principles, direct and to the point, no useless pages or out of topic ones. No flaky advices and no facts that aren't backed by years of experience as an accountant and registered tax agent and solid research.

Price: 37.95 19.95.

When updates of the ebook are released  a new version is always sent free of charge to those who bought the older version.

Format : pdf, Ebook

About the Author

David Maynard is the founder of My Tax Zone, the one who wrote over 500 articles on his tax blog and the author of My Tax Zone's ebooks. David is a registered accountant and tax agent and each year prepares thousands of  tax returns and advises numerous clients on taxation and investment property. In addition he is the owner of EzTax, Australia's premium online destination for preparing online tax returns for electronic submission the the Australian Taxation Office. David believes that you don't have to deceive the tax office or flirt on the edge of risky or complex tax strategies to save tax. Within the complex tax system, there are, for many working Australians, simple strategies that can easily achieve substantial tax savings that aren't risky.

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Thank you for putting together such an informative, easy to
read and understand, publication." Ruth – Adelaide.

Your ebook on tax and property investing was very informative. I wish we  had read it before making our first investment property purchase - we could have avoided costly mistakes.” Amanda Montville Qld

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