Tax Return Must Be Lodged to Receive Fortnightly FTB

From January 2010, you may no longer receive your Family Tax Benefit on a fortnightly basis if you and/or your partner do not lodge your income tax return or advise the Family Assistance Office you are not required to do so within the required time frame.

Although you may remain eligible for Family Tax Benefit, the only payment method available will be a lump sum through the Family Assistance Office once you and/or your partner’s actual annual income has been verified.

This may also apply for any outstanding income tax returns you have failed to lodge for past years you were in receipt of Family Tax Benefit. You will be contacted by the Family Assistance Office if you could be affected by this change.

Blended Families

If you are in a blended family situation and either you and/or your partner have not lodged your income tax return in the required timeframe you will both be unable to receive your Family Tax Benefits on a fortnightly basis, until your tax returns are lodged.

This applies regardless of whether you are a new blended family and your new partner is an FTB customer receiving FTB by instalments for children of their previous relationship.

What if I am not required to lodge a tax return

If you and/or your partner are not required to lodge a tax return you will need to notify the Family Assistance Office.

(Source: FAO)

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