First Time Property Investor Advice

Buying an investment property is a major decision. Many clients I talk to when purchasing their first investment property go through all the questions: what if....? what about....?

And so they should. It is a natural part of the decision process.

If you are considering purchasing an investment property you should talk to as many "qualified" people as possible. By "qualified" I don't just refer to professional advisers but to people with experience in investing
and people with positive attitudes. It amazing how a word from one person of influence in our lives can either destroy a good dream/idea or who can propagate and encourage it.

So here are some tips from both a professional and experienced property investor who will encourage you to take another step towards your goals:

 For first time property investors these tip should get you well on the road to achieving your goals.

And remember, take your time, get the right tax advice from a professional and experienced tax adviser - not a mortgage broker or real estate agent.

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