Exempt Income of Defence Force Members

Exempt income is not assessable and is not included in an individuals tax return.

Whilst the TaxPack provides a list of common types of exempt income, there are some exempt income types that relate specifically to Australian defence force members.

If you are a defense force member the following is a list of more common exempt income amounts you may have received from the Australian Defence Force (ADF):
  • Living Out Allowance;
  • Living Out Away from Home Allowances;
  • Education Assistance Overseas Allowance;
  • Scholarship Allowance;
  • Education Allowance;
  • Child Education Allowance;
  • Re-engagement Bounty;
  • Disturbance Allowance;
  • Transfer Allowance;
  • Deployment Allowance; and
  • Rations and quarters supplied without charge
  • Overseas Allowances
NOTE ==> ADF members should be aware that all expenditure incurred in deriving exempt income will not be an allowable deduction.

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