Common PAYG Payment Summary Errors

(last updated 27/03/2014)

The following is a checklist of the most common errors when employers, bookkeepers and payroll officers prepare payment summaries. Whether you are an employer or employee it could pay to check through the list to ensure your 30 June PAYG Payment Summaries are correct.
  • Do not include amounts you paid as employment termination payments at Total tax withheld and Gross payments. Instead, report employment termination payments on a PAYG payment summary – employment termination payment (NAT 70868).
  • Do not include cents at Reportable fringe benefits amount. Do not show cents at any label. Simply drop the cents from any amount before you enter it on the payment summary.
  •  Do not include living away-from-home allowance at Allowances. Do not report this amount on the payment summary, unless it forms part of the reportable fringe benefits amount because living-away-from-home allowance is exempt income for the payee.
  • Do not include amounts reported at Allowances in Gross payments. If you report an allowance at Allowances, do not include it in the amount you report at Gross payments.
  • Do not report negative amounts.
  • Do not report amounts containing a decimal point. Do not report cents at any label. Simply drop the cents from any amount before you enter it on the payment summary.
  • Do not provide a payment summary containing all zeros. If you have not paid the payee any withholding payments throughout the year, you do not need to give them a payment summary.
  • At Payment summary for year ending 30 June, do not show the year as anything but a four digit figure. Show the year as a four digit figure. For example, show the year ending 30 June 2010 as 2010 and not 10.
What if There is an Error in My 30 Jun PAYG Payment Summary

 If you discove an error on your 30 June PAYG Payment Summary there are steps you need to follow to have it corrected. Here is a checklist of how to amend the PAYG Paymnet Summary.

If you are happy with the PAYG Payment Summary you will need to include the details on your 30 June tax return. See this post for details and checklist of eTax and Assessable Income & Allowances.

See this post if you need help or a checklist of eTax and Allowable Deductions.

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