Allowances Received by Australian Defence Force Members

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Australian Defence Force (ADF) members commonly receive the following types of allowances:
  • arduous conditions allowances
  • clearance diving allowances
  • common duties allowances
  • diving allowances
  • field allowances
  • flight duties allowances
  • flying allowances
  • hard lying allowances
  • isolated establishments allowances
  • language proficiency allowances
  • parachutist allowances
  • service allowances
  • special action forces allowances
  • special Royal Navy allowances
  • submarine escape training facility allowances
  • submarine service allowances
  • trainee’s dependant allowances
  • trainee leaders allowances
  • uniform maintenance allowances
  • unpredictable explosives allowances.
If any allowance is shown as a separate amount on an ADF member's payment summary, it should be included as income at item 2 of their tax return.

Generally, uniform maintenance allowance is the only allowance shown as a separate amount. All other taxable allowances are included in the gross earnings column of the payment summary. A separate summary of allowances received may be obtainable from the pay office.

NOTE - you cannot automatically claim a deduction just because you received an allowance. Read questions

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