Will I Be Able to Get Paid Parental Leave & Employer-provided Maternity Leave?

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Will I be able to get both Paid Parental Leave (PPL) and employer-provided maternity leave? Yes, you will be able to get both employer-provided maternity leave and Paid Parental Leave.

Government Paid Parental Leave (PPL) can be taken in conjunction with, or in addition, to employer-provided paid leave such as recreation leave and employer-provided maternity leave, around the time of the birth or adoption of a child.

Government PPL must be taken after the birth or adoption of a child and be completed within 12 months of
the date of the birth or adoption. It will not be paid for any period after a parent returns to work. However, a parent may be able to:
  • transfer their remaining PPL entitlement to another eligible primary carer (usually the father); or
  • be in the workplace under ‘keeping in touch’ provisions

Employers who provide PPL through an industrial instrument cannot withdraw that entitlement for the life of that instrument. During bargaining for a new agreement, employers and employees will be able to agree to modify existing employer PPL provisions in the light of the introduction of the new Government PPL scheme.
The Government’s PPL scheme does not provide employees with additional unpaid leave from their employer or result in additional accrual of employer-provided leave entitlements.

(Source fahcsia.gov.au)

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