Lost Super? Try ATO's SuperSeeker

Have you lost your superannuation and don't know where to find it? If you are trying to find lost superannuation than try the ATO's SuperSeeker - their new system for finding lost superannuation.

SuperSeeker offers enhanced search functionality to include results of  unclaimed super that has been paid to them because either of the following applies:

1.  the member has reached 65 years of age and the fund has neither:
  • received contributions for the member within the last two years, nor 
  • been able to contact  the member for five years after making reasonable efforts to do so
2.      the member is a former temporary Australian resident.

SuperSeeker functions,  such as pre-filling a portability form with their information, which can then be printed from their own computer, helps make the process of consolidating Australian workers’ super easier. 

SuperSeeker will continue to display amounts of lost super as it currently does.  

At 30 June 2009, the value of lost super in Australia was $13.6 billion – up $700 million from 30 June 2008, despite the number of lost members decreasing.

The ATO said “If your clients use SuperSeeker and find we are holding their unclaimed super, they will be directed to contact us and can claim the benefits using the  application for payment of unclaimed super.

If their super is still held by a super fund, they can contact their fund or complete the online pre-filled portability form, which can then be printed and sent to their fund to transfer the benefits into their current fund.”

Link to ATO ==> SuperSeeker

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