Late Lodging Your Tax Return? ATO Prosecutes 3181 late lodgers in 2008-09

Are you late lodging your income tax return?

In 2008-09, the ATO procecuted 3181 taxpayers for late lodgment of income tax returns.

Taxpayers found quilty of an offence will generally be convicted and required to pay a court imposed penalty of up to $5500.

Although I have rarely seen the maximum penalty imposed, the court process can be very disruptive and intimidating, if not embarrassing. Additional costs can also be incurred for professional advice by either an accountant or socicitor, or both.

So remember, all Australians are resopnsibe for complying with their income tax return lodgment deadlines. For more information on tax returns Australia lodgment deadlines see this post ==> Lodgment Deadlines

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