Income & Tax Deductions for Teachers

(last updated 23/04/2014)

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Tax Deductions for Teachers

The following is a checklist of tax deductions a teacher can claim on their tax return:

Allowance Income for Teachers

If any allowance is shown as a separate amount on your payment summary, include it as income at item 2 on your tax return. You must include the whole amount of any allowance payment you received.

Teachers commonly receive the following allowances:
  • motor vehicle (based on a cents-per-kilometre basis),
  • travelling
  • uniform and maintenance
Receipt of an allowance does not automatically mean that a corresponding tax deduction can be claimed. In order to claim a deduction against an allowance, the expense must actually be incurred and meet the other tests of deductibility, for example, the expense must be incurred in earing the income or allowance.

E-tax Return

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