How Much is the New Paid Parental Leave Allowance

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From 1 January 2011 there will be a new Paid Parental Leave scheme. But how much is the Paid Parenting Leave payment and for how long is it paid?

An eligible parent can get taxable Paid Parental Leave at the level of the National Minimum Wage (currently $543.78 a week or $9788 over the 18 week period) for a maximum period of 18 weeks. Paid Parental
Leave must be used within one year of the child’s birth or adoption.

As a taxable/assessable payment, the Paid Parental Leave must be included as assessable income for the recipient parent
This may impact on eligibility tests for other government payments and various tax concessions (see out post on Changes to Income tests for information on new tax rules applicable for the 2010 tax year).

You can apply for Paid Parental Leave up to three months before your child is due to be born or adopted. The first claims for Paid Parental Leave can be made on 1 October 2010, for children due to be born or adopted on 1 January 2011.

Where to apply for the Paid Parental Leave payment ==> Family Assistance Office.

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