2010 Income Tax Assessment Notice - New Look

Changes to the notice of assessment (NOA) for income tax transactions applied from the introduction of the ATO's new Income Tax processing system in February 2010. Some of the main changes are outlined below:

The assessment summary is grouped and formatted differently to the old NOA.

Debits and credits have been separated into two columns.

The summary is split into more categories. In the case of Individual and Trusts these may include:
  • tax on taxable or net income 
  • less non-refundable tax offsets
  • less carry forward tax offsets
  • less refundable tax offsets
  • assessed tax
  • plus other liabilities, for example, Medicare Levy, Medicare levy surcharge, Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) repayment
  • less PAYG credits and other entitlements.
The headings for these categories do not appear where there are no relevant amounts to include.

In some cases, the items included under each heading, above, are itemised in the ‘Detailed information’ section on page 3 of the NOA.

In the past this information was in various sections of the NOA and other ATO correspondence.

A sample of the new look income tax assessment for 2010 can be viewed here ==> samples of the new look and old notice of assessment.

The new look NOA is designed to be easier to understand and to provide more detailed information about your income tax assessment.

The changes made to the NOA also apply to the notice of amended assessment.
Your notice of assessment will not always come together in the same envelope or at the same time as your statement of account.

You may also receive a statement of account at other times throughout the year, especially if you have an outstanding balance on your account.

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