Easy Bookkeeping System - Cashflow Manager

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The introduction of GST forced many small business to upgrade to PC based bookkeeping systems. Since then we have been a strong advocate for Cashflow Manager over every other bookkeeping system available in Australia. It is just so simple to use.

Simply record your receipts and payments transactions in columns. You don't need to know anything about accounting, and everything is right there on the screen for you to review. Each column has a 'GST' type that automatically calculates the GST and makes your BAS Statement a breeze. The program is so simple that it comes with a full, no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee so there is no risk in giving it a try.

Features of Cashflow Manager include:
  • Cashflow Manager uses columns to record receipts and payments.
  • Customising the program for your needs is very simple with a wizard that walks you through each step.
  • There are several ‘business templates’ that automatically establish columns for your type of business
  • Reconciling to your bank takes just 5 simple steps.
  • Comprehensive reports explain your business transactions and results.
  • Comprehensive, easy to follow Help and Video Tutorials that walk you through each process.
  • The Monthly Summary Report provides a picture of your monthly receipts and disbursements.
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