Making Business Cards Work for You

A Few Tips on the Use of Business Cards:

Background ==> Derived from visiting cards, or calling cards, business Cards first appeared in china in the 15th century, then in Europe in the 17th century. the footmen of aristocrates and of royalty would deliver these cards to the servants of their prospective hosts to introduce the arrival of the card owner. The standard form visiting card in the 19th century in the United Kingdom was a plain card with nothing more than the bearer's name on it. Later visiting cards were developed to contain more contact details and eventually became the modern business cards we know today.

5 Tips for your own business cards ==> Having business cards handy is a must for any successful person. Being asked for your card by another is a compliment, abd bit gavubg a card on you can be embarrrassing for both parties; it implies your're serious about the other persons business.

Business card Strategy ==>
  • Aim to hand out a certain number of business cards each day or wek (depending on your field of business of course).
  • Consider putting a sticker with a current promotion on each card such as 10% off manicures or a special of the month
  • Always hand out 2 cards - one for the requester, and one for them to pass on to a friend. Invest in new cards

Invest in new cards ==>

  • If you haven't ordered new business cards in the past two years, there is a good chance your information and photo are out of date by now. If you still have a large quantity remaining, ask yourself why you haven't been handing them out!
  • If you have a stock pile left over because you dislike the cards, consider getting them redesigned and reprinted. You need to be proud of your Card! With so many new printing techniques, and paper types, the creative options are limitless.
  • Having a striking business card on thick card is often a conversation starter. Keep in mind many people like to write notes on your card, such as where they met you so leave some white space too!

Practice presenting your business card ==> Unless you're comfortable and confident when handing out your card, you won't do it. Besides, the words and actions that accompany your business card when you give it to someone can really cement a positive first impression.

Invest in a quality business card case ==> business card cases look professional and keep your cards looking great. There are so many unusual, classic and artistic choices available to choose from. I suggest investing in a few cases; a more professional, elegant case for formal business occasions and a flashy or fun holder for social situations.

Keep a few cards Everywhere ==> You should never be without business cards. Don't just keep your cards in one spot. Put a few in your wallet, glove box, brief case, partners wallet, desk drawer, secretaries desk, the pocket of your coat, your suitcase... anywhere and everywhere so you will always have one on hand!

Never leave home without your business cards! So, how well do you exchange business cards?

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