Lost PAYG Summary Details accessable from ATO

Pre-filling reports have been available to tax agents for three years now and can be very helpfull in obtaining lost client information. So if a client has lost a PAYG Payment Summary / certificate or interest details most likely we can obtain it from the pre-filling report.

The system is available to tax agents only and for has been improved to contain the following changes:
  • paper individual non-business payment summaries (not lodged electronically) will be displayed in the 'PAYG payment summaries' section; however, these cannot be mapped to a label as the payment summaries do not indicate whether the payment is salary and wages or pensions
  • the family tax benefit (FTB) claim status information has been removed as a result of the 2008 Federal Budget decision to move administration of FTB payments to the Family Assistance Office. FTB claims will not be accepted by the Tax Office after 30 June 2009
  • there will be a reminder in the 'Medicare levy related items and private health insurance policy details' section about the special conditions affecting private health insurance cover for 2008–09 and future years.
  • private health insurance rebate details will be displayed under the 'Tax offsets' section
  • new details or reminders will be displayed under the 'Important information' section (where relevant to clients) about:
    - rental property address details from the 2007–08 rental property schedules
    - pre-lodgment advisory letters
    - schedule of work-related expenses required with lodgment
    - forestry managed investment scheme income reminder
    - the entrepreneurs tax offset reminder
    - the remaining balance of a landcare and water facility tax offset
    - pay as you go (PAYG) income tax instalments
    - the accumulative low rate cap
    - income averaging for primary producers and special professionals, and
    - net farm management account deposits and/or withdrawals.
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