Online Tax Return 2009

You can see what your tax refund will be using this tool: Free Online Income Tax Calculator

When it comes to online tax returns in Australia in 2009, the Tax Office's message is "...stay on the right side of the law."

This was a recent sponsored add on Google posted by the Australian Taxation office. They are obviously referring to Australian's preparing and lodging their annual tax returns online using the ATO's own e-tax online tax return system. It is a concern to the My Tax Zone team as the Tax Office has dedicated a lot of resources to developing their online systems, yet they don't trust Australians to use them responsibly. Or maybe it is recognition that their online tax return systems are just too complicated, lacking professional support necessary not only to "stay on the right side of the law" but also to obtain the maximum refund entitlement, which many miss when they do their online tax return without support.

That is certainly our view. We are further surprised at the decision by the Tax Office to phase out TaxPack which has been a very effective source of information for non-online tax return preparers. Instead, their focus will be on driving Australians online when it comes to preparing their annual tax returns or searching for tax information.

That is why we have developed our own online tax return services which include:

  • Tax Blog - a comprehensive and easy to use online tax information resource and includes the basics you need to know to prepare your online tax return and updates on tax tips, changes and warnings.
  • Online Tax Retrun service - In addition to generating a FREE tax refund calculation, what ezTax does is present you with easy step-by-step instructions, detailed but simple explanations, intuitive processes, easy payment methods, supported by a comprehensive knowledge base and access to a certified accountant and registered tax agent online – all from your own home.

    The response for ezTax, even since its recent release, has been phenomenal. I’m so sure that you are going to love ezTax that I am willing to completely guarantee it! Here is what you can learn:

  • what income you don’t have to declare
  • an explanation of common deduction
  • how much in deductions you can claim without receipts
  • expenses you can claim for your childrens’ education
  • what medical costs you can claim for

Ok, So What is the Cost for This Powerful Yet Simple Online Tax Process.

Normally something like this would cost you $99 or more. And if you had to research this information yourself, it could take many hours to come up with the right answers, if at all.

However, I am only going to charge you a fraction of that price. In fact all it is going to cost you is $29.95.

Why does it only cost you this amount? More and more we are demanding further satisfaction from our access to the internet - we are still discovering what a powerful information tool it can be. Taxation services, relying primarily on information and the application of knowledge, is a prefect fit for this challenge. The beauty of such applications is the cost to maintain it, compared to the cost of supplying offices, equipment and staff to run it, are relatively low.

Not only am I going to give ezTax online tax service for this price but I am going to offer you the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: Taxation doesn’t have to be hard. Half the battle is finding the right information when you need it. When you use ezTax you will enjoy access to our comprehensive knowledge base – and it’s FREE.

Bonus 2 – eBook titled “Discover Wealth Hidden in Your Salary: A Simple Guide to Taxation and Property Investment in Australia.”

Considering the complexities of taxation laws and regulations in Australia, it would be in the interest of every property investor to have a reliable and simple guide to taxation and property investment. Discover Wealth Hidden in your Salary is just that.

What this NEW eBook does is help you discover:

  • How negative gearing works and how you can use it to save tax
  • How property selection can almost double the tax benefits
  • How to release the tax savings and benefits when you need it most - in your weekly pay and
  • Peace of mind, knowing you comply with tax office rules
  • Deductions that cut the tax office take and improve your bottom line return

The recommended retail price of this eBook is $34.95. When bundled with your ezTax return you save $20. The cost to you is just $14.95.

You enjoy access to both of these bonuses when you use ezTax.

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