Truckies & Electricians Targeted in 2009 by ATO

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The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is warning people in certain occupations their tax returns will be under particular scrutiny this year.

They include truck drivers, electricians and sales and marketing workers.

The ATO's assistant commissioner, Megan Yong, says claims by those occupations have been rising more quickly than others.

Ms Yong says claims for travel and home office expenses will be closely examined.

"This is actually probably the largest single area of the tax return that people make claims, and the expenses have gone up over the last two years, by the tune of around 11 per cent, so it is actually a continued area of Tax Office focus," she said.

"These particular occupations have come to notice for 2009 because over the last couple of years some of their patterns of claims have been rising over and above the general population.

"Particular people within those occupations seem to have been making claims which seem to be above average."(Source: ABC Radio)

The Tax Office said "The most common incorrect claims by people in these occupations include:

  • insufficient documentation available to support motor vehicle and travel expenses
  • claiming the Living Away from Home Allowance without proper documentation and verification from the employer that the claimant must live away from home as a condition of their employment
  • motor vehicle expenses on the basis that the claimant is carrying bulky equipment required for work. It’s important that the claimant can verify that their employer requires them to carry this equipment as part of their employment and there is no alternative storage solution at the workplace, and
  • home offices, mobile phone and internet expenses.

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