Claiming for car Wash

(last updated 27/03/2014)

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Claiming for Car Wash

You can claim a deduction for car washing if you use your vehicle to earn your income and you use the logbook method or one-third of actual expenses method of claiming your car expenses as follows. You claim the cost of car wash by including it in the calculation your claim.

As stated you can only claim the expenses when one of the following methods is used to claim car expenses:

When Can Car Expenses be Claimed?

Transport or car expenses include public transport fares and the running costs associated with using motor vehicles, motor cycles, bicycles, etc., for work-related travel. Following is a brief checklist of when car expenses can be claimed as an allowable deduction:
  • Travel between home and work
  • Travel between home and work - transporting bulky equipment
  • Travel between home and work where home is a base of operations and work is commenced at hom
  • Travel between home and shifting places of wor
  • Travel between two separate work places if there are two separate employers involve
  • Travel from the normal work place to an alternate work place while still on duty and back to the normal work place or directly home
  • Travel from home to an alternate work place for work-related purposes and then to the normal work place or directly home
  • Travel between two places of employment or between a place of employment and a place of business
  • Travel in connection with self education
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If a payment is received from an employer for an estimated expense, the amount received by the employee is considered to be an allowance (not a reimbursement) and is fully assessable to the employee. See this post for details and a checklist of eTax return and Assessable Income.

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E-tax Return

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