Tax Pack 2009 Being Phased Out

What is Tax Pack 2009?
Tax Pack is an ATO print publication designed to help taxpayers to complete their individual income tax return. Tax Pack is divided into two parts:

  • Tax Pack with the tax return for individuals
  • Tax Pack supplement - additional items of the individual income tax return designed for business and investment income/deductions and various items that are less common for salary wager earners (supplementary section).
While the Tax Pack publication was intended to provide taxpayers with information to assist in completing their tax returns, it contains so much information that it creates more confusion than solutions.

Tax Pack being Phased out:
From the 2008 income tax year the ATO began phasing out the tax pack in Victoria, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory. Tax pack will also be phased out in other states for the 2009 tax year, leaving taxpayers who self prepare their tax returns no other option than online in tax services.

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