Paid Parental Leave

The Government will introduce a Paid Parental Leave scheme from 1 January 2011.

The government funded scheme will provide eligible parents with up to 18 weeks of leave at the Federal Minimum Wage, currently $543.78 per week. These payments will be treated as taxable income and will affect entitlement to family assistance payments, but will not be counted as income for income support payments.

People who elect not to receive Paid Parental Leave or who do not qualify will continue to receive the Baby Bonus and other family payments, where they meet eligibility requirements.

Primary carers will be eligible for the scheme if they:
  • earned less than $150,000 in the full financial year prior to the birth or adoption of a child;
  • have worked at least 330 hours over the 10 months preceding the birth or adoption of a child; and
  • have also worked continuously with one or more employers for at least 10 of the 13 months before the expected date of birth or adoption.
In some cases Paid Parental Leave will be able to be transferred to another caregiver if the primary carer returns to work before they have received their full Paid Parental Leave entitlement.
Parents who choose to receive Paid Parental Leave will not receive the Baby Bonus, except in cases of multiple births where parents will not receive the Baby Bonus for the first child only.
Parents who choose to receive Paid Parental Leave will also not be eligible for the Family Tax Benefit Part B and the dependent spouse, child-housekeeper and housekeeper tax offsets for the 18 week period or whilst they are in receipt of Paid Parental Leave.
The Australian Taxation Office has advised the Government that it considers that salary paid while on parental leave and other ancillary leave payments are ordinary time earnings for superannuation guarantee purposes. The Government will clarify that superannuation guarantee contributions will not apply to voluntary paid parental leave payments, and the Government will review this position when it reviews the treatment of superannuation under the paid parental leave scheme. The Government will also defer the application of superannuation guarantee contributions for ancillary leave payments until this review is completed in 2013.
(Source AMP Finacial Planning Pty Ltd)

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