Tax Bonus Payments for Lodgements After Mid March 09

Announcement from the ATO:

In late February we asked you to elect if you wanted your client's tax bonus payment sent directly to clients who had already lodged their 2008 returns. If you elected to 'opt out' of administering the tax bonus for all clients:
  • tax bonus payments will not be forwarded to your trust bank account. This includes eligible clients whose income tax returns are lodged after the election was made, and
  • clients who lodged their 2008 returns prior to mid March will be sent cheques to their residential address.

Where returns have been lodged after mid March, tax bonus payments will be forwarded directly to the postal address on your client's 2008 return, or their bank account where they have contacted us to change their details. Where your practice address has been given as the postal address on tax returns, tax bonus cheques will be sent to your practice.

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