New Queensland Tenancy Laws

Changes to some of the rules for renting houses, units, townhouses, caravans and other moveable dwellings will start on 1 July 2009.

Key Changes

There are four major areas the changes can affect:

  • before tenancy
  • tenancy agreements
  • rent and rent increases
  • entry to the property
There will be new challenges for property managers and most definitely if you are a manager/landlord. The details are out now and your property manager should be getting training as to what to do and what not to do.

Changes include:
  • Rental properties must be advertised at a fixed price
  • Deposits from prospective tenants
  • New tenancy agreement forms
  • Changes in notice periods
  • Disputing significant changes between agreements
  • New requirements if rent is to be paid in a way not listed in the Act (e.g. rent card)
  • Rent increases limited
  • Change to notice period for rent increases
  • Entry during a 2 hour period
  • Entry times
  • Privacy for tenants
  • New grounds for entry
For a detailed summary of the changes clients can download this FREE summay (pdf format):

FREE Fact Sheet ==> New Queensland Tenancy Laws

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