Family Tax Benefit Part A Explained

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Family Tax Benefit Part A is the most common payment to help you with the cost of raising your children. It is worked out on your actual annual family income, the ages and number of dependent children in your family and is paid per child. 

Family Tax Benefit Part A includes a supplement for each child. If you were entitled to Family Tax Benefit Part A for part of the financial year you will receive a portion of the supplement. The supplement is only available after the end of the financial year when your Family Assistance payments have been balanced. This will happen after you and your partner have lodged your tax returns with the Australian Tax Office. If you or your partner are not required to lodge a tax return you must tell the Family Assistance Office.

The supplement cannot be paid fortnightly and cannot be paid if you and your partner do not lodge tax returns, or do not tell the Family Assistance Office that you are not required to lodge.

The supplement may be paid or used to:
  •  reduce excess payments, if you were paid too much during the year (based on the estimate you provided) 
  • recover Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Benefit overpayments from other years, and/or 
  • recover outstanding tax debts.
You may be entitled to Family Tax Benefit Part A if:
  • you have a dependent child up to 21 years of age, or a fulltime student 21 to 24 years of age in your care for 35 per cent of the time or more 
  • you meet the income test, 
  • you are an Australian resident, a New Zealand citizen who arrived on a New Zealand passport, or you hold certain temporary or special category visas or a criminal justice stay visa, and are residing in Australia.

Note: information from Australia’s immigration department may be used in assessing claims and can be used to assess ongoing entitlements.

If you care for a child between 14 per cent and less than 35 per cent of the time you may be entitled to Rent Assistance, a Health Care Card, Remote Area Allowance, Child Care Benefit and the lower threshold of the Medicare Safety Net.

You do not have to be a parent to be entitled to Family Tax Benefit Part A—you could be a foster carer or a grandparent with children in your care.
How much payment you are entitled to depends on your family’s actual annual income. 

To assist the families that need it most there is a maximum rate of benefit for those on low incomes and a base rate for families on moderate incomes.

There is also an upper income limit. If your family income is above the limit you may not be entitled to any Family Tax Benefit Part A. You should check your entitlement at the end of the financial year when your actual income is known. 

Generally, if you receive an income support payment you will get this payment automatically.
To find out how much you may be entitled to, check the Family Assistance Estimator at or contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 6150.

FREE fact sheet ==> Family Tax Benefit Calculator(Source: extract from Family Assistance - The What Why and How Booklet)

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