Family Tax Benefit Income Thresholds

Income thresholds for Family Tax Benefit vary for part A and part B and are adjusted annually.

For Financial Year 2009:

Income Thresholds for Family Tax Benefit:
  • For maximum rate: Family income can be $42,559 a year before payment is affected.
  • For part rate: If your income is more than $42,559 a year, payments will reduce by 20 cents for each dollar above $42,559 until the base rate is reached. It is paid at this level until family income reaches $94,316 a year (plus an additional $3,796 for each dependent child after the first). Payments will then reduce by 30 cents for every dollar over that amount until the payment reaches nil.
To receive some Family Tax Benefit Part A, the maximum income levels are:

  • $100,801 a year for a family with one dependent child under 18; and
  • $102,249 a year for a family with one dependent 18-24 year old.
These thresholds are lifted by:

$3,779 for each additional dependent child under 18; and
  • $3,835 for each additional dependent 18-24 year old.

Extra Payments Available

  • Families receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A may also be eligible for extra payments:
    Rent Assistance (if renting privately)
  • Large Family Supplement (for third and each subsequent child); and
  • Multiple Birth Allowance (for three or more children born during the same birth).
  • Rates in this Fact Sheet are current as at 1 July 2008.
Historical Thresholds:

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(Source Family Assistance office)

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