ATO Income Benchmarks for Bricklayers

The ATO is continuing their program of introducing benchmarks for income and expenses for tradies. The latest benchmark to be released is for Bricklayers.

The ATO have worked with trade associations and industry participants to develop input benchmarks for bricklayers. These benchmarks are now available and indicate an expected range of income for bricklayers based on the labour and materials used when working directly with household customers.

Bricklayers can use the benchmarks to:
  • compare your performance to the rest of the bricklaying industry, and
  • check that your tax records accurately reflect your income.
Some of the benchmarks are:

  • Income - per 1000 bricks (labour only): $800 to $1000
  • Bricks required - number of standard single bricks required per square metre: 50
  • Cost of materials (sand, cement, lime) - % of cost per job: 10% - 15%
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David Maynard

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