Why would you need a Quantity Surveyor

Apart from the fact that we like to feel needed, here’s 7 quick reasons why:
  1. You have an investment property and need a Depreciation Schedule in order to maximise your investment and pay less tax.
  2. Your Finance Company needs a Feasibility Report to justify and secure finance for your project. They may also require draw down reports in order to make building stage payments to your Builder.
  3. You need an Insurance Replacement Cost assessment on your property to eliminate the risk of being underinsured.
  4. You have got plans for a Building project and need to know what the project is going to cost you, so you can make informed decisions on your project and have confidence that your builder's prices are fair and reasonable.
  5. You need ‘Builders’ Quants’ or ‘Bills of Quantities’ for your building project.
  6. You are in dispute with your Builder, Contractor or Sub-Contractors and need an expert Witness Report in order to determine the extent of the work already carried out, and the likely costs to actually complete the project.
  7. You need Contractual advice regarding your contract and assistance in achieving an amicable agreement in any building dispute.
By guest writer
Tracey Lunniss
TSL Project Services Pty Ltd

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