Thank you for your Finance Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry in relation to finance and your borrowing capacity.

My Tax Zone's lending service has access to a broad range of loan products from all the major banks and financial institutions in Australia.

Our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, accreditation and experience in taxation, investment property services and finance to guide you through the enquiry and loan process.

Whether you are new to finance or experienced, My Tax Zones wants to see our clients prosper and grow.

We are committed to responding to your enquiries within one business day. We look forward to discussing your finance options with you.

P.S. Don't forget, My Tax Zone finance services offers a free service to our finance clients (eg. our fees are paid by the lending institution). Our lending agreement does not permit us to charge any fees directly to clients.

Kind regards

David Maynard
CEO My Tax Zone

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