NRAS - New Class of Investment Property

In previous posts we announced the launch by the Australian Government of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) to stimulate the supply of up to 50,000 new affordable rental dwellings.

NRAS will help to create a new class of asset in the Australian investment property market – one that attracts significant support from the Australian Government in the form of the National Rental Incentive, with additional support from State and Territory governments.

The benefits for investors include:

  • Government Subsidised Property Investment
  • Secured Income Stream (10 Years)
  • Cash Flow Positive Investment
  • Maintained and Managed
  • $80,000 Plus Tax Credits Over 10 Years
The government support of $8000 per year in this unique property investment equates to a tax deduction of almost $27000 per year for ten years. For middle to high income earners, the combination of other taxation and NRAS benefits represents a truly unique opportunity in invest in the property market. Other tax benefits NRAS benefits include:

  • Normal negative gearing tax benefits apply;
  • Rents and the NRAS incentive are indexed annually to the rental component of the CPI. Current rental indexation for target markets is running at between 6% and 12%;
  • Rental valuations are subject to independent assessment in years 1, 4 and 7;
  • Suitable stock can range from studio appartments to family housing.

Through our networks in the investment property market we are able to offer My Tax Zone clients direct access to properties registered with the NRAS. Our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, accreditation and experience to guide you through the investment property maize.

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By David Maynard
CEO My Tax Zone

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