HECS / HELP Benefit for Early Childhood Education Teachers

In the 2008 Budget, the Australian Government announced it's "education revolution" policy to encourage maths and science graduates to take up employment in rural and regional areas, Indigenous Australian communities and areas of high sociao-economic disadvantage.

Eligible applicants need to lodge an application for each income year they apply, and if successful, you could receive up to a maximum of $1,600 for the 2008–09 income year either as a:
  • reduction in the amount of your compulsory HELP repayment shown on your income tax notice of assessment, resulting in a reduction to your accumulated HELP debt, or
  • reduction in your accumulated HELP debt where:
    • you do not have to make a compulsory HELP repayment because your repayment income is below the minimum repayment threshold
    • a compulsory HELP repayment is not required because, due to low family income, you are entitled to a reduction of the Medicare levy or do not have to pay the levy, or
    • you successfully applied to defer your compulsory HELP repayment for the year.
For information on how to eligibility and how to claim, visit the ATO site What is the HECS-HELP Benefit.

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