Secrets of Successful Investing

With all the turmoil in investment markets over recent months, many investors willbe asking if they have done the right thing by investing in shares, property or managed funds. Let’s revisit two fundamentals of investing.

Understand investment cycles -Investment markets move in cycles. They go up, they go down and they mayrun flat for a period of time. However, if we look at the long term performance of investment markets, they have historically trended up. The secret to successful investing is to adopt a “counter-cyclical” approach. Traditionally, human nature tells us to invest when markets are going up and to sell when markets are in decline. However, we need to change our mindset and invest when everyone else is selling (we pick up bargains that way) and sell when everyone else is buying. Alternatively and for longer term investments, we should be buying then markets are down and hold on to our investments for the long term.

Time in, not timing - Long term investing doesn’t involve chasing the latest investment fad. It involves making good sound investment decisions with the aid of professional advice and then sticking to the plan, not jumping in and out of the market every time there is a change.

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