Investment Property Tax Benefits

Negative gearing is the term used to describe the tax benefits associated with investment property.

Property has always been an investment topic that mums and dads in Australia are familiar with. The myriad of property TV programs, Internet property search sites, property magazines and aggressive property marketing strategies, has added to our knowledge base. Australians are becoming more and more "savvy" about property - what and when to buy, locations, finance products etc. But many of them do not fully understand negative gearing.

In its simplest form, property gearing is structuring an investment project to generate either an income stream (positive gearing) or to generate a net loss (negative gearing).

Negative gearing can be helpful in acquiring investment property in a number of ways:

  • Negative gearing can magnify returns by increasing assets and the potential returns from that investment.

  • For many, negative gearing can make investing more affordable due to the taxation concessions attached to negative gearing.
Through our networks in the investment property market we are able to offer My Tax Zone clients direct access to to a range of investment properties, both negative geared or posistive cash flow. Our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, accreditation and experience to guide you through the investment property maize.
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By David Maynard
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