How much further will interest rates fall?

We are now entering fiscal policy areas that hasn't been seen for many years - interest rates declining in three months to the same level they were six years ago. So where will interest rates go from here.

Given the turbulent share market, will the interest rate cuts translate into more money being invested in property? Anecdotal evidence suggests that punters of all persuasion are being attracted either into, or back into, the real estate market.

Many first time buyers have already made their decision to purchase property based on the recent amendments to the first home owner’s grant. The interest rate reductions have been further "icing on the cake" to first home buyers and those who have already purchased - both owner occupiers and investors alike. Investors who already own property and are reasonably cashed up are thinking about additional purchases in such favourable conditions. Indeed, our real estate clients have indicated to us there property sales are increasing.

At the end of the day, whether buyers are owner occupiers or investors, if they have a long term strategy any time is the right time to buy.

For investors, My Tax Zone offers a comprehensive investment property advice service together with finance brokerage assistance. Our investor finance package includes discount vouchers to the value of $280, a complimentary property investment analysis (valued at $295 and Income Tax Withholding Variation application with the ATO (valued at $220).

For owner occupiers, we offer finance brokerage assistance which entitles clients to a $190 discount voucher on their next tax return.

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By David Maynard
My Tax Zone

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