Franchising in Australia

Contributed by Grant Garraway Senior Consultant The Franchise Shop Pty. Ltd.
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Strong Franchising growth. Franchising itself is going though a very strong phase in Australia. The Franchise Council of Australia appointed a Director to concentrate on its PR in the late 1990’s and he has achieved consistent positive press coverage since his appointment. Negative articles about franchising are now the exception, not the rule.

For example, BRW now run an annual review of the sector in January as well as regular articles during the year, and two bi-monthly specialist franchise magazines are published.

Even the 2006 Federal Government enquiry into the effectiveness of the Franchise Code of
Conduct, only came up with relatively minor changes to the Code which were all implemented
in 2008. Franchising is a very strong sector of the Australian economy.

The sectors growth over recent years has been excellent. For more faxts about franchising, established by Griffith University on behalf of the Franchise Council of
Australia, visit The Franchise Facts at a Glance

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