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ATO Withdraws e-Record

We recommend Cashflow Manager to ALL our small business clients.

E-Record (also known as erecord or e record) is suitable for many small business and Subbie's with simple bookkeeping requirements. Although it is FREE, I personally find it cumbersome to use in both data entry and reporting. We always recommend Cashflow Manager over e-Record. However, for small businesses starting out it is a relatively satisfactory short term solution for a broad range of requirements.

What is e-Record? E-Record is a free, electronic record keeping software product. It helps small businesses (including non-profit organisations) to keep good business records and meet their taxation reporting obligations.

What does it enable you to do? E-Record enables you to:

  • prepare your data for activity statements
  • lodge your activity statement online
  • easily prepare payment summaries (Individual non-business and Employment termination) and your pay as you go withholding annual report
  • prepare tax invoices (you can email them by saving as PDF first)
  • do a bank reconciliation
  • record payments to workers
  • keep records for more than one business
  • obtain a summary of income and expenses to assist in preparing your tax return
  • reconcile daily sales recorded on your cash register
  • monitor your cash flow
  • easily create a back-up of your data, and
  • easily export data from your cashbook and summaries
What doesn’t it provide?
  • the ability to download data from your bank (as e-Record is not an online product)
  • Tax Office access to your information (as the records you keep using e-Record are stored on your computer)
  • quotes
  • the ability to download data from banks
  • debtors and creditors reports
  • balance sheets
  • profit and loss statements
  • inventory control
  • the self printing of plain paper payment summaries, or
  • electronic reporting of the pay as you go withholding payment summary annual report.
How to obtain a copy? Go to the ATO website Downloading, installing and upgrading e-Record, or phone 1300 139 051 and use the publications and forms ordering system to order an e-Record CD. It will take up to seven working days for the CD to arrive.

For help with your eTax return see our eTax Return Checklist.

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