Tax Deprecation Reports are for all types of Investment Properties – new or old.

This is the second of seven tax depreciation reports relating to investment property made by our expert quantity surveyor advisor, Tracey Lunniss, of TSL Project Services Pty Ltd.

"Tax Deprecation Reports are for all types of properties – new or old."

Tax Depreciation Reports are for any income producing building, be it residential, commercial or industrial. And it’s important to know that it doesn't matter the age of your property, a Tax depreciation Report can still be viable on older buildings.

A misguided fact is that there is no depreciation available for older properties. This is not true, please allow me to explain:

Depreciation on buildings is calculated on 2 aspects:

Firstly, Capital Allowances (Building Cost and Renovations) and,
Secondly, Plant/Articles (carpet, hot water system, etc.)

It is true that the cost of the Capital Allowances is based upon the construction date of the property, but what is often forgotten is that any renovations that have occurred on the property since that date are depreciated from the time they were carried out.

For example, let’s say your property was constructed in 1955, but in 2006 you redecorated and made some structural improvements. The redecorations and structural improvements are depreciated from 2006.

Plant and Articles are calculated from the date of purchase, and a second hand value is assigned to these based upon their condition.

With in-depth experience in saving property-owners money, TSL Project Services Pty Ltd guarantees that unless we save you double the cost of their fee, in depreciation in the first full year, you’ll receive your report for free

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