Paying up Front for your Tax Depreciation Report?

This is the last of seven special contributions to our blog from Tracey Lunniss, quantity surveyor, director of TSL Project Services Pty Ltd, our expert advisor on tax depreciation reports for investment property.

"Avoid paying upfront for your report."

How often do you pay upfront for a service, only to find yourself unhappy with the time it takes to receive the product or service?

Unfortunately, many Quantity Surveying Companies will insist on payment upfront and then take their time to get your report completed. There is little incentive for them to hurry or even provide you with quality service; they already have your money. Some will complete the report and then refuse to release it to you until their fee has been paid. And still others have been known to suddenly increase their fee before handing your report over.

When you engage TSL Project Services Pty Ltd you know in advance what the fee is, and what’s more, you can choose not to pay until the report is in your hands. Now, isn’t this a great incentive for TSL to deliver you quick and high quality service?

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