Property Books and Property Investment Books in Australia

Not every tax break is DODGY
Since property marketing agents began promoting investment property and negative gearing as a means to attaining financial freedom during the mid nineties there has been a glut of property books and property investment books. You could be forgiven for labeling slick marketing campaigns on how to be a property investor as DODGY.

Having said that, ATO statistics reveals there are over 1.5 million investment properties in Australia. I can assure you - negative gearing and investment property as a means of attaining financial freedom is far from DODGY.

As tax accountants we have many dealings with property investors in many areas including educating clients on investment property, property investment analysis, negative gearing explained, helping clients avoid common mistakes, tax compliance, recommending ownership and finance structures to maximise tax benefits and minimise risk, tax compliance work and managing cash flows associated with investment property portfolios. Recognising the need for more specialist taxation advice in the area of investment property, which I found was lacking in many property books, I started preparing my own material to help guide clients in the area of property investment.

Having done so, more and more non-clients are asking for access to that material. Accordingly, I am progressively making the material on taxation and investment property available in different ways, including my book titled:

Discover Wealth Hidden in Your Salary - A Simple Guide to Taxation & Property Investment

                                      Table of Contents

1.    Preface

2.    How the investment property industry has changed the way investors do business

3.    How negative gearing works and how you can use it to save tax

4.    Tax depreciation reports are for new and old. Find out what they are and how you get one

5.    The Tax Office is holding onto my tax. How do I get it back now?

6.    Mastering the strategy for structuring your finance. The key to cutting the tax office take and keeping the banks out of your pocket

7.    How to claim a tax deduction before it’s even built!

8.    The four steps to categorising repairs and maintenance

9.    Capital Gains Tax – How knowing the basics can save you money

10.    No Goods and Services Tax for property investors

11.    Knowing where other people have gone wrong can give you peace of mind

12.    Discover how new taxation measures can impact investors’ refunds

13.    How to transform negative cash flow property into money in the bank

14.    Want to invest in property but don’t know when to start? Find out what the important issues are

15.    The new “tax haven” – Find out how Self Managed Super Funds can benefit you, your family and your heritage

16.    The four things you need to know to access the wealth hidden in your Salary

APPENDIX 1 - Summary of Deductible Items
EXAMPLE 1 - Cash flow projection (PIA) - NON NRAS
EXAMPLE 2 - Cash flow projection (PIA) - NRAS
EXAMPLE 3 - Capital Gains Tax Calculation

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Unlike the many property books and property investment books available in Australia, this material primarily focuses on investment property and taxation - written by accountants/tax agents with GENUINE expertise, professionalism and experience - something the many property books and property investment books lack.
And remember, not every tax break is DODGY - just read my property investment book to discover the wealth hidden in your salary.

By David
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